We Focus on Your Files

Get commercial network installations in Kennesaw, GA

Are your company’s computers set up on a network to communicate with each other? Rapidtech offers commercial networking services to help your business establish a better workflow. We focus on data migration, including:

  • Networking drive printers
  • Moving files between computers
  • Setting up servers for storage

We’ll help you set up a network so your files are backed up and your computers can easily communicate with each other. Contact Rapidtech today to bring your company’s computers up to speed in Kennesaw, GA.

We’re prepared to upgrade your systems

In order to communicate with each other and with servers, your company needs to establish a secure network for sharing data. We will talk to you about Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks to determine the best options for your business. We can also set up VOIP phone networks. Call 770-755-5845 today to schedule commercial network services for your company.