Stop Wasting Your Money on Over-the-Counter Virus Software

Stop Wasting Your Money on Over-the-Counter Virus Software

Rapidtech serving Kennesaw, Woodstock & Marrietta, GA is the antidote to your infected PC

You can go to the store and buy virus protection for the computers in your home or business. But that software won’t prevent malware and other viruses from attacking your PC. Make sure your computer is always protected with anti-virus from Rapidtech.
The typical virus software only scans a computer every now and then to remove potential threats, it doesn’t actually block viruses. However, software from the experienced technician at Rapidtech will protect your computer by preventing and removing any problems.
You can trust Rapidtech in Kennesaw for:

  • Malware virus protection
  • Malware removal
  • Adware virus protection
  • Adware removal
  • Root virus removal

Whether you have a Trojan virus, worm or macro virus, you’ll get the help you need from Rapidtech. Call 770-755-5845 now to schedule a consultation.

We’ll help you recover after a virus attack

Even after a destructive virus is removed, there’s still a lot of work to finish to get the computers in your home or business up and running like new. Rapidtech will clean up your hard drive, reinstall software and recover as many files as possible.

Benefit from a faster, safer and more secure computer in your home or office with help from Rapidtech. Call our Kennesaw, GA, office at 770-755-5845 right now to get your computer operating properly again.