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    Is your Laptop screen Cracked?

    Going without a computer can be hard but at Rapidtech, we’ve got you covered. Our computer repair services include laptop screen replacement for Dell, HP, etc. We are based in Acworth, GA and we take pride in our work. We offer affordable pricing to get your laptop screen repaired quickly! 

    Our pricing is very affordable with a $50 labor fee for standard screen replacement and $80 for touchscreen screen replacement. Replacement materials and shipping are specific to the laptop and location but we will work with you to find the best price. Additionally, if you send us the materials along with your device, we can use those for the repair. 

    Our technician has been working with computers for over two decades and is dedicated to providing the best service. You are able to ship your laptop computer directly to our technician and he can replace the screen within 24 hours and ship it back to you. 

    Call Rapidtech at 770-755-5845 to learn more about our screen repair services.

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